George Newton VFW Post 1607

Flag Day 2009

flagday09_1 flagday09_2 flagday09_7 flagday09_3 flagday09_5 flagday09_6 flagday09_8 flagday09_11 flagday09_9 flagday09_12 flagday09_14 flagday09_15flagday09_4

Veteran’s Day 2008

vetday08_1 vetday08_2 vetday08_3 vetday08_4 vetday08_5 vetday08_6 vetday08_7 vetday08_8

Flag Day 2008

flagday08_1 flagday08_2 flagday08_3 flagday08_4 flagday08_5 flagday08_6 flagday08_7 flagday08_8 flagday08_9 flagday09_10

Cub Scout Pack 162 – Flag Lesson (2006)

Cub Scouts from Pack 162 were instructed by Harmon Andrews on different USA flag procedures – pledging allegiance, saluting, raising, lowering and folding. These lessons helped the Cub Scouts to complete the citizenship requirements for their rank.

pack162flag_2 pack162flag_1

Memorial Day 2009 – Ceremony

ceremony_1 ceremony_2 ceremony_3 ceremony_4 ceremony_5 ceremony_6 ceremony_7 ceremony_8 ceremony_9 ceremony_10 ceremony_11 ceremony_12 ceremony_13 ceremony_14

Memorial Day 2009 – Parade

parade_13 parade_2 parade_3 parade_4 parade_5 parade_6

parade_7 parade_8 parade_9 parade_10 parade_11 parade_12

Scouts – Memorial Day 2007 Veteran Grave Site Flag Placement

memorialflag07_2 memorialflag07_1

Boy Scouts – Memorial Day 2006 Veteran Grave Site Flag Placement

memorialflag06_2 memorialflag06_1 memorialflag06_3 memorialflag06_5 memorialflag06_6 memorialflag06_4

Boy Scouts – Memorial Day 2004 Veteran Grave Site Flag Placement

memorialflag04_5 memorialflag04_2 memorialflag04_3 mamorialflag04_4 memorialflag04_1

George Newton VFW Post 1607